Who We Are?

SAN Ltd is an Israeli privately held company established in 1995. We focus on design, production, engineering and projects management.
Our Factory is ISO 9001 qualified with expertise in the areas of hydraulic, mechanical and power systems (APU) and systems integration.
SAN designs, manufactures, sells and supplys heavy and light equipment to a variety of markets including major clients in the defense sector as Israel Defense Forces and leading companies such as the Israeli Electric Corporation, Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael, Elbit, Haifa Refineries and Israeli Chemical Cooperation.
One of our key projects at SAN Ltd is developing and producing unique low-weight yet powerful Electro-Hydraulic breaching gear for the use of the Police, Fire fighters, Rescue units, Defense and Military forces in Israel and around the world.
Our world leading tactical breaching kits answer all the urban forced entry requirements of military and rescue teams.

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